Permanent expositions

County House

The administrative and exhibition centre of Orava Gallery

A two-floor, brick and Baroque building (from the end of 17th century) with a central Arcadian yard has preserved its present feature after last extensive renovation from 1896. Between the first and the second floor, right above the main entrance, is a relief polychrome and sandstone coat of arms of the Orava of the 18th century. The building is located at the historic square Hviezdoslav in Dolný Kubín. In 1995 the Gallery made permanent exhibitions from its own collection accessible to public on the area of 1.200 m2:

Every year the gallery organizes 10 to 12 short-term exhibitions of Slovak and international art in the reconstructed premises. The Orava Gallery collection consists of eight art disciplines with more than 8 500 pieces of art works.

Open all year round: Tuesday — Sunday from 10.00 to 17.00 hour.

Entrance fee:

Hviezdoslavovo námestie 11, 026 01 Dolný Kubín
Tel.: +421/43/586 32 12

Slanica Island of Arts

Permanent exhibitions of traditional folk art from the Orava Gallery’s collections are located in the beautiful natural scenery of Slanica Island, in the middle of the Orava dam. An exhibition “Slovak Traditional Folk Sculptures and Paintings” is installed in the interior of a Church. Part of the exhibitions is also a lapidary “Orava Stone Sculptures” placed in the exterior of the island and a history of flooded villages situated in the former tomb. Access to the Island is with an Orava Galleries ship “OG-SLANICA” from port No.2 in Slanická Osada.

from 13th of May to 17th of September

Entrance fee:

Slanica Island of Arts, Oravská priehrada, Námestovo
Tel.: port +421/905 915 108

Mária Medvecká — Gallery

The permanent exhibition of the painter born in Orava is installed in the yeoman mansion from 19th century in Tvrdošín — Medvedzie since 1979. In the area of 583 m2 is exhibited 266 oil paintings and drawings representing the lifelong works of a national artist – the painter who connected her life and work to the Orava region. Together with her husband, painter Ctibor Belan, devoted themselves to creative work and significant cultural-educational activities that also resulted in establishing of the Orava Gallery.

april — september: Tuesday — Sunday from 10.00 to 16.00 hour.

Entrance fee:

  • Mária Medvecká Gallery in Tvrdošín will be open free of charge to public through all season 2017.
  • Contact:
    Medvedzie, 027 44 Tvrdošín
    Tel.: +421/43/532 27 93

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